Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hey everyone! We have a couple things to update you on today.

First things first, we are in the process of getting a cover made for Breakaway! We hope to share it with you soon.

Secondly, we're really excited about Breakaway and have fallen in love with the characters. So much so, that the entire trilogy will be about Levi and Presley. Originally, we planned to give three pairs of characters a book to make up the trilogy, giving insights to the other characters' lives as we went. Levi and Presley hooked us and quite frankly, stole the show.

We started a good chunk of the originally planned book two and it just wasn't working. Levi and Presley were popping in to scenes like crazy, practically begging for us to come back to them. It was a struggle to write with the second pair and not let Levi and Presley dominate the scenes. Therefore, we agreed to give them what they wanted.

Thirdly, Levi and Presley can now be found on Twitter. We thought this would be a cool way for readers to interact with them and to get a feel for the characters before the release. Plus, like we said, we're hooked on these two and to further bring them to life is an opportunity we jumped at. You can follow the trilogy here, Levi here, and Presley here.

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Happy Reading!

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