Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Levi

I’m back! I had tons of fun last time, so I talked Mary and Lindsay into letting me come back more often. Plus, it seems that Presley and I are going to be the ones sharing the teasers for Off the Ice. How cool is that? Although, I think Presley wants to share so she can keep a closer eye on Lindsay. Presley has a pinch of jealousy in her. Don’t let her fool ya.

While Presley has a little “green monster” in her, I do not. And that is a perfect intro to the teaser I’m sharing today.

“Do you want me to be a jealous jackass?” I ask, repeating her words.
“No, but a little jealousy is nice.” Her lips barely form a pout, but it’s definitely there.
“Smarty,” I start gently, “I admit that I don’t like how I didn’t even seem to intimidate him and that he seemed a little too confident with me glaring daggers at him. I will even admit that I don’t like the fact that his lips touched you at all, but I wouldn’t call that jealousy.”
“Oh, no? What would you call that, Mr. Green Monster?” She smiles playfully at me, and I’m so happy I can amuse her.
“I would call that a slight bruise to my ego.”

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Presley

As you saw from last week's post, and Levi’s rambling, Lindsay and Mary have been quite busy. Those girls are so busy, Levi just doesn’t understand. Although, I’m becoming concerned with Lindsay’s obsession with Levi (it’s getting scary). I might need to remind her that he’s mine.

Anyway, since the girls are so busy, and Levi shared a teaser last week, I thought I would would share one today.

We head off, and I begin telling Levi about this huge project for my Constitution class and how stressful it’s been. Then Levi dives in telling me about his Organic Chemistry class project. Needless to say, it’s going to be a long semester.
“There’s my girl.” I leap out of the SUV, and Victor wraps his arms around me in a big hug.
“No, Pops, I’m fine,” Levi yells as he goes to the back of the SUV.
“Hush, Levi. I hug you all the time. It’s not every day I hug a beautiful girl.”
“Aw, Victor. You’re the sweetest man ever.”
“Hey, what am I?”
I turn to see Levi, loaded down with my bags. “Meh.” I try not to crack a smile at him, but Victor busts out laughing.

I just love Victor. He’s a great guy. What did you all think?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Levi

I’ve been in a talkative mood lately, but Lindsay and Mary have been ignoring me. Sure, they are busy doing this or that, but I’m Levi Carr. How can they ignore me of all people? And I know that Lindsay has been thinking of me so much that she’s borderline obsessed. Yet I’m still being ignored. What the hell? I think each of you should let them know that they better be writing and writing me. I’m sure that you all want more of me. Sounds like Lindsay and Mary need to be told that.

So why am I here? Because apparently, Lindsay and Mary are so busy writing someone else that I have to be the one to come and share the first teaser for Off the Ice. Unfortunately for me, they chose this one.

It still baffles me how close to she is to me when she lies with me. I’m surprised she doesn’t somehow become glued to me. I love it, though. Having her like this is one of my favorite things, not that I would tell her. I can just imagine the reaction if people found out that Captain Levi Carr loves to cuddle.
No, thank you.

Here I am, sharing my personal thoughts with these ladies, and they write all of them down! I guess it comes with the territory. What can I say? At least three ladies want me. Who am I to deny them?