Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Levi

This is the last teaser I’m sharing. That means that Off the Ice releases NEXT WEEK! Presley, because she likes having the last word, gets to share the last teaser. That’s okay, though. Her teaser last week got me thinking and she’s had a bit of a potty mouth in Off the Ice. Not a lot, but when she does, it’s kinda hot.

That said, I’m happy to share this week’s teaser.

“Do you like this shirt?” I ask her.
Her brows scrunch together in confusion. “I guess. It’s not my favorite or anything.”
“Wh-” she starts, but her eyes widen when I grab the thin fabric and begin to tug hard. Her shirt has no resistance and easily begins to tear in two.
“You really like lace, don’t you?” I ask, kissing the cleavage peeking from the top of yet another lacy bra, this one a nude color. Looking up, Presley seems a little shocked that her torso is now showing, her shirt torn open, but she looks so hot too. I push her shirt off her shoulders and then run my hands down her chest to the button of her jeans.
“Don’t mess these up,” she whispers, her eyes focused on my hands.
“Wouldn’t dream of it. These are my favorite jeans, Smarty.”

Let me just share now that I really like lace too. ;)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Presley

Hockey season is in full swing ladies and gentlemen! It’s my favorite time of year, hockey, autumn, and cold weather. There is nothing like a big Pittsburgh Penguins hoodie and cuddling up with the one you love, watching hockey, yelling at the ref, and trying to figure what hybrid icing is.

With all that going on, I thought I would give you a teaser of a more serious matter in Off the Ice. This is one with my parents:

“I can’t believe this. It’s bad enough that Trevor and I had to be separated, but now it’s all okay to get back together. Is it because there are no kiddies at home to get the house dirty? ” I shoot a look at Mom. She was always complaining about the house being dirty because of us.
“Presley, I don’t know what’s going on, but I highly suggest you shut your mouth now.” Dad’s face is red with anger.
“We were under a lot of stress when you kids were little. It was harder then, but things have calmed down. Plus, when Trevor gets drafted, we can go as a happy family,” Mom adds.
That’s it. That’s the straw that breaks it all. “Oh, of course. Let’s make sure that we’re a perfect fucking family for ESPN!” I shout at her.

Oh, you know it’s bad if I’m throwing out the F-Bomb. Can’t wait for you to read the rest of that scene!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Levi

Another week, another Off the Ice teaser! I have an answer to the question Presley ended with last week: There are lots of things you can do to me, but I’ll save the rest of this conversation for later.

This teaser makes me smile when I remember the moment.

“Levi!” Presley’s excited voice comes from my right, and I turn to watch her walk up to me. My eyebrows rise at the bags she’s carrying and then higher when she sits sideways in my lap. “Guess what I just realized?”
“What’s that?”
“I’m older than you,” she grins.
“A few months hardly counts as older. Are you finally done shopping?”
“It counts for me and I think that I should have some sort of leverage because of it.”
Laughing, I say, “What kind of leverage?”
“Let’s just get back to the hotel before we hear something we don’t want to,” Marley interrupts.
Presley’s cheeks flush slightly and Trevor adds, “Doesn’t that make you a cougar, Pres? Older woman with a younger man?”
I bust out laughing and briefly the thought of the scratches on my back flashes in my mind. “Does this mean you’re going to teach me a thing or two?”

Presley has definitely taught me a thing or two.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Presley

So, Levi has been yammering in my ear all day, and I’ve been trying to study. Thank goodness, Lindsay and Mary were able distract Levi so I could share with you all this quick teaser for the second book: Off the Ice. It won’t be too long before you will be able to purchase it.

Standing outside my car, Levi wraps me in his arms. There is still snow on the ground and it’s freezing, but in his arms, I’m perfectly warm.
“Wanna come home with me?” Levi asks.
“What? We hardly ever go to your place.”
“Yeah, but I figure change is good. Besides, I have a better selection of beer and DVDs than you do.” He smirks at me.
“Yeah, right.” I slap his shoulder, which doesn’t do anything since he has a hoodie and a jacket on.

*eye roll* Oh, that Levi! Ladies, what am I going to do with him?