Monday, August 19, 2013

Ten Things Lindsay Learned About Mary

A lot goes into writing a book and even more so when you’re writing that book with someone else. You learn a lot about that person when you talk to them every single day for hours at a time. You learn even more when you are working together. Mary and I thought it would be cool if we shared some of the things that we learned about one another with you!

Here are ten things that I learned about Mary.
  1. She is an amazing person. I talked to her every now and then before we started this process, and I knew that she was pretty great. Working with her though has shown me that she is so much more than a book lover and a Chicago Blackhawks fan. She’s sweet, caring, smart, and simply fantastic. She’s a wonderful person, friend, and co-writer.
  2. When Mary gets nervous about something, usually one of her great ideas, she always starts by saying, “Okay, hear me out....” That’s her sign that she’s nervous and there is never any reason for her to be nervous. She has great ideas!
  3. Mary loves making lists as much as I do! It’s good to know someone who enjoys that as well.
  4. The girl is packing lots of enthusiasm and it’s contagious. When Mary gets excited about something, she gets really excited. It’s fun to see that she feels so strongly about something that she can get that excited about it and believe me, it’s hard not to get as pumped about it as she is.
  5. She may be crazy. My BFF thinks I’m “obsessed” with hockey and that I “go crazy” about it. I just really love it. The point I’m getting to is that Mary is twice as bad as I am. She goes absolutely bonkers over some hockey and I love it. It’s great that even though we love different teams, the sport itself brings us even closer because we love it so much.
  6. She is a mind reader. I don’t know if she can read everyone’s mind, but she can read mine. We’ll be writing and she’ll message me about an idea just as I’m about to message her. She’ll post something on Facebook just as I was about to start typing up my own post. Wait a second. Maybe I’m actually reading her mind, but I have a delayed reaction...
  7. Mary is an extremely busy person. I have no clue how she gets everything done with as busy as she is! She’s a great multi-tasker obviously. She must be.
  8. She has 5 degrees!
  9. She can find the PERFECT songs for scenes. I don’t know how she does it, but it seems like it comes to her naturally to find the most amazing songs to go with scenes.
  10. She has a big heart. This sort of goes back to number one on my list, but it should be said anyway. Mary is a loving, sweet person and I'm so thankful to know her!

Check back Thursday to see the ten things that Mary learned about me!

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  1. I agree with all ten of these things, Lindsay!!! I love my Mary!!