Thursday, June 13, 2013

Meet Our Characters

When we started this project, we never thought we would already be done with the first draft and working on revisions. But we are! Therefore, it's time we introduce you to our characters. You can find more images on our Pinterest board.

Our frist book centers on these two:

Levi Carr, age 21, attends Roxboro University and is the captain of their Lions hockey team. Levi is confident with a little cockiness and enticing with his seductive words. He's 6'4" with blonde hair, blue eyes, and bulky with muscle.

Presley McCarthy, age 21, attends James Wayne University across town and is a big fan of hockey. She is also the twin to JWU's captain, Trevor McCarthy. Presley is fiery, snarky, and quick on her feet. She's 5'7" with long red hair and light brown eyes.

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  1. Levi is so perfect looking and Presley is beautiful lI ove her cat eyes :) :D