Thursday, June 20, 2013

Top Ten Reasons We Love Hockey

It's no secret that we love hockey and today we figured we would share our top ten reasons why we love the great sport of hockey. Enjoy!

1. Mary - It’s a highly intense game

Lindsay - It’s sort of like reading. You get wrapped up in the emotions and energy from the game and forget about everything else.

2. Mary - You never know what to expect. One moment you are watching your favorite player and then the next you are seeing the other team score.

Lindsay - ^ True. I love that the game isn’t over until the buzzer sounds. A lot can happen in a few seconds.

3. Mary - I love that there are not silly penalties call. For example, when you check someone into the boards there is not a flag thrown and a consequence for it.

Lindsay - Fights. You can already feel the intensity on the ice and, well, fights are fun to watch.

4. Mary - Our teams care about their fans and the communities. We are always seeing on their sites helping out, especially with children and the military.

Lindsay - I second that. It seems like there is always something going on where they are giving back in some way.

5. Mary - The teams are always playing pranks on each other. Nothing hurtful either, just fun/silly things. I see them all the time on BTV (Blackhawks TV).

Lindsay - I’ve only ever seen this one, but I love Stormy. He’s the mascot for the Carolina Hurricanes and he’s hilarious! I can remember when they were playing the Sharks and Stormy had a stuffed animal shark that he was beating against a table. That’s one of my favorite/funny Stormy moments.

6. Mary - I love how close the teammates are. They are all truly like family and stick up for each other.

Lindsay - Going to a game is never disappointing. During intermissions, the flow keeps going and it keeps the energy high. Plus, sometimes they bring out little hockey playing kids and they are adorable!

7. Mary - Hockey players are extremely loyal to their home countries. It’s great to see all their support.

Lindsay - I love that feeling when you learn one of your favorite players just got an extension. It’s just amazing to see how every fan gets so invested in the sport and their favorite team/players.

8. Mary - I love how strong players are. If they take a puck to the face or are hurt badly, they still get up and keep on playing.

Lindsay- ^ That is definitely something to love. I love how hockey always makes everything better. Always. Either you read something online, look at highlights, or go to a game, it always makes things better.

9. Mary - Hockey players can be tough as nails on the ice, but are really caring, sweet people off the ice.

Lindsay - Playoffs. Takes the intensity to a whole new level. Plus, I like to watch if even my team doesn’t make it because it’s, well, the playoffs.

Mary - Here are my two favorite: Patrick Sharp and Viktor Stalberg

Lindsay- My two hockey hotties are: Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin.

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