Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Levi

I’ve been in a talkative mood lately, but Lindsay and Mary have been ignoring me. Sure, they are busy doing this or that, but I’m Levi Carr. How can they ignore me of all people? And I know that Lindsay has been thinking of me so much that she’s borderline obsessed. Yet I’m still being ignored. What the hell? I think each of you should let them know that they better be writing and writing me. I’m sure that you all want more of me. Sounds like Lindsay and Mary need to be told that.

So why am I here? Because apparently, Lindsay and Mary are so busy writing someone else that I have to be the one to come and share the first teaser for Off the Ice. Unfortunately for me, they chose this one.

It still baffles me how close to she is to me when she lies with me. I’m surprised she doesn’t somehow become glued to me. I love it, though. Having her like this is one of my favorite things, not that I would tell her. I can just imagine the reaction if people found out that Captain Levi Carr loves to cuddle.
No, thank you.

Here I am, sharing my personal thoughts with these ladies, and they write all of them down! I guess it comes with the territory. What can I say? At least three ladies want me. Who am I to deny them?

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