Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Presley

As you saw from last week's post, and Levi’s rambling, Lindsay and Mary have been quite busy. Those girls are so busy, Levi just doesn’t understand. Although, I’m becoming concerned with Lindsay’s obsession with Levi (it’s getting scary). I might need to remind her that he’s mine.

Anyway, since the girls are so busy, and Levi shared a teaser last week, I thought I would would share one today.

We head off, and I begin telling Levi about this huge project for my Constitution class and how stressful it’s been. Then Levi dives in telling me about his Organic Chemistry class project. Needless to say, it’s going to be a long semester.
“There’s my girl.” I leap out of the SUV, and Victor wraps his arms around me in a big hug.
“No, Pops, I’m fine,” Levi yells as he goes to the back of the SUV.
“Hush, Levi. I hug you all the time. It’s not every day I hug a beautiful girl.”
“Aw, Victor. You’re the sweetest man ever.”
“Hey, what am I?”
I turn to see Levi, loaded down with my bags. “Meh.” I try not to crack a smile at him, but Victor busts out laughing.

I just love Victor. He’s a great guy. What did you all think?

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