Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Levi

I’m back! I had tons of fun last time, so I talked Mary and Lindsay into letting me come back more often. Plus, it seems that Presley and I are going to be the ones sharing the teasers for Off the Ice. How cool is that? Although, I think Presley wants to share so she can keep a closer eye on Lindsay. Presley has a pinch of jealousy in her. Don’t let her fool ya.

While Presley has a little “green monster” in her, I do not. And that is a perfect intro to the teaser I’m sharing today.

“Do you want me to be a jealous jackass?” I ask, repeating her words.
“No, but a little jealousy is nice.” Her lips barely form a pout, but it’s definitely there.
“Smarty,” I start gently, “I admit that I don’t like how I didn’t even seem to intimidate him and that he seemed a little too confident with me glaring daggers at him. I will even admit that I don’t like the fact that his lips touched you at all, but I wouldn’t call that jealousy.”
“Oh, no? What would you call that, Mr. Green Monster?” She smiles playfully at me, and I’m so happy I can amuse her.
“I would call that a slight bruise to my ego.”

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