Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Teaser Tuesday with Presley

Hockey season is in full swing ladies and gentlemen! It’s my favorite time of year, hockey, autumn, and cold weather. There is nothing like a big Pittsburgh Penguins hoodie and cuddling up with the one you love, watching hockey, yelling at the ref, and trying to figure what hybrid icing is.

With all that going on, I thought I would give you a teaser of a more serious matter in Off the Ice. This is one with my parents:

“I can’t believe this. It’s bad enough that Trevor and I had to be separated, but now it’s all okay to get back together. Is it because there are no kiddies at home to get the house dirty? ” I shoot a look at Mom. She was always complaining about the house being dirty because of us.
“Presley, I don’t know what’s going on, but I highly suggest you shut your mouth now.” Dad’s face is red with anger.
“We were under a lot of stress when you kids were little. It was harder then, but things have calmed down. Plus, when Trevor gets drafted, we can go as a happy family,” Mom adds.
That’s it. That’s the straw that breaks it all. “Oh, of course. Let’s make sure that we’re a perfect fucking family for ESPN!” I shout at her.

Oh, you know it’s bad if I’m throwing out the F-Bomb. Can’t wait for you to read the rest of that scene!

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